Things that You Ought to Know about HGH

The human growth hormone, or simply HGH, is a very important hormone for the human body.  This growth hormone is responsible for the growth, regeneration, and reproduction of cells in the human body which is essential for our body’s growth and wellbeing.  The problem with HGH is that its production deteriorates as we get older which means our body no longer has the same supply of growth hormones the same way when we were younger.  There are other cases where even young children suffer from growth hormone deficiency wherein they have a disorder in the production of these essential growth hormones.  Due to this, their growth and development is stunt at a very young age.

Thanks to technology and scientific research, scientists were able to find a way of synthesizing HGH so that they can apply it to the treatment of patients.  This has then been tested on adults and children suffering from growth hormone deficiency with successful results.  It then dawned upon the researchers the ‘what if a healthy subject starts taking growth hormone supplements?’

One of the redeeming qualities of growth hormones in the body is cell regeneration.  If a healthy subject were to take this supplement, would it be able to control or perhaps slow down the aging process?  On tests on elderly people, it appears to be that the introduction of HGH into the body has helped in slowing down their body deterioration while at the same time increasing their vitality (begging the question if it will slow down aging on healthy people).  These days, HGH is being given to seniors to help them increase their vitality.  To date however, there are still no clinical evidences regarding HGHs effect on healthy adults.  Somehow, this does not deter others from purchasing these growth hormone supplements.

Seeing what these supplements can do, particularly when it comes to losing weight and body building, people immediately nicknamed them as ‘magic pills.’  This is because with these hormone supplements, one can lose weight and get toned muscles because of the fat burning quality it has.  In fact, with regular intake of this supplement, a person will not only burn the fat in their muscles, but they will also develop muscle mass, making them leaner yet stronger.  Due to the beneficial qualities that this hormone supplement can provide, it gives any person who is taking them an unfair advantage, particularly in sports which is why it is a banned substance not just in the Olympics, but also in other sports organizations.  However, it is important to remember that HGH supplement is not a steroid but more of a performance enhancing substance.

HGH is popular with both sexes as it is widely believed to be an anti-aging substance.  While this is partially true as the reduction of fatty tissues helps to make anyone look younger and much healthier, the downside to it is that it creates hormonal imbalance inside our body and this can lead to serious health issues.  While the risks are not entirely related to the growth hormone, some studies suggest a link between HGH intake and prostate cancer.  Even though this study is still debatable, it is necessary that you consult your physician first before attempting HGH intake.